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Top Health and Wellness Trends To Watch For

As we approach 2020, we look back on the year that was 2019 and how our ethoses and sentiments changed as the year went by. It was a year when intermittent fasting gained stride, Keto continued to dominate diet news and CBD Oil took center stage.

But, we also saw shifts in the wellness space as more people began to embrace mental health and focus on how their everyday activities affect their well-being.

As we look forward into 2020 and beyond, there are certain trends that will be carried over from 2019, others that will die, and ones that will rise up anew. The future has never been more exciting for brands, blogs, and customers in the wellness space as it is quickly evolving.

Marijuana is now pretty much legal everywhere, feminine hygiene and sexual health are constantly getting a makeover, digital wellness has become a thing, and faux meat and now fish options are stocking the shelves.

Plant-Based Fish will Rival Plant Based Meat

The plant-based meat market is now booming, with a 25% growth in 2019 alone. With fancy grocery stores and even restaurants like Umami Burger going the Beyond Meat route, it’s fair to say that plant-based meat is likely here to stay.

Now as society’s tastes continue to shift from overly carnivorous to more experimental and plant-based, the race is on for food manufacturers to replace the real-life options with faux ones that taste just as good.

Next up on the list, fish. With chicken, beef and dairy having been drastically transformed to keep up with the market shifts, the next logical candidate is fish.

Brands like Sophie’s Kitchen already offer a variety of plant-based fish products like crab and scallops, made from pea and potato starch.

Plus, grocery brands like Whole Foods and Sprout who sell Sophie’s Kitchen line of products have reported a 72% increase in sales. Other brands like Good Catch and Ocean Hugger Foods are entering the space as well offering products like raw and canned tuna.

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CBD Oil is The New Savior

CBD Oil, the far non-psychoactive cousin of cannabis has taken the front seat for the past few years and is going nowhere. With its properties being claimed to cure or ease everything from anxiety to period pains, CBD is here to stay.

Plus, in late 2018 Congress passed the 2018 Farm Bill after months of back and forth. Meaning, this could potentially influence everything from your skincare routine to morning coffee, as it sets the stage for hemp and mainstream CBD to be legalized.

Most importantly, hemp-derived CBD oil does not create a high like other marijuana compounds, such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Hemp and marijuana are basically two different species of the cannabis plant. Hemp-derived CBD is legal on the federal level. Research on the potential health benefits of CBD oil is ongoing, but results from recent studies suggest that CBD may provide a safe, powerful natural treatment for many health issues. Brighter Health provides more information on the rise of CBD oil (as well as reporting on many other natural health remedies)

With the support of several scientific studies confirming its treatment with many typical illnesses and disorders, it is no surprise that health care companies are using CBD oil in their products. What is more astounding is all of the various conditions it may treat. Here are the five most surprising health benefits of CBD oil.

Home-Tech Will Become More Intrusive but Even More Helpful

It is not really news to hear about technology in our homes anymore. Everything has gone digital, from the washing machine to the vegetable compartment of our refrigerators.

In 2019, we continued to see more brands enter the smart speaker space with even Facebook jumping in, and we also saw more ways to connect everything to our smartphone, even our stoves.

Of course, for many, this raises privacy concerns, as not only can data companies and manufacturers track your data from apps, but now they can know what time you cook, how often you cook and how many times you turn on the heat in winter.

Home-tech will reach more places in our homes, but it will also offer valuable information that can help us make better decisions when it comes to energy and efficiency.

From dimming lights to playing music, the list is long of what voice-controlled assistants, like Amazon’s Echo (AKA Alexa) and Google Home, can do around the house. But voice activation (as discussed at CNBC) can be especially helpful in the kitchen, when your fingers are covered in flour or garlic and you want to look up the answer to a cooking question without touching your phone. They also make it breezy to add items to your grocery list, so meal planning is easier (as is your follow-through to cook more and order take-out less). “The inspiration and instruction in the kitchen, with recipes and how-to’s, is really engaging,” she says.

Connected appliances, like those from LG, also allow you to monitor your kitchen and oven remotely — meaning you can make sure your roast is roasting (and not burning) from the next room, or double-check that you have all the kale you need for the night’s meal while you’re still at the store.

Oat Milk the New Almond

Is this another fad, or something that is here to stay? As the vegan market grows, manufacturers are seeking different ways to capitalize on consumer’s shift in taste, and the latest on the block in the beverage department is Oat Milk.

Over the past year, the dairy-averse and folks interested in natural skincare other enthusiasts have become fascinated with this alternative. Not only is it cheaper, but it has mass appeal since almost everyone knows and can eat oats.

Nowhere has this new trend taken off like coffee shops. Chalkboard signs have been popping up everywhere recently touting Oat Milk as the new kid on the block. At they report that Oat Milk applied topically is especially beneficial to skin health.

According to data by Refinery29, Oat Milk sales has grown by a whopping 420% in the last year alone. Although cashew milk, peanut milk and coconut milk have seen huge growths in the past year, none of them have leveled up with almond or soy like oat milk.

Body Positivity is Now a Thing

A few short years ago, even imagining bigger women on the runways of NYFW was unheard of, until Rihanna came along.

In 2017 when she launched her Fenty line of makeup products, she stole the headlines from traditional cosmetic brands, creating over 40 different shades of foundation for women of all skin types.

Fast track a year and a half later and brands are now realizing that billions of dollars were being left on the table and are now embracing inclusivity.