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Investing for your future has always been something that people have aspired to do. The thought of having a big portfolio of companies all making money for you is a lot of people’s idea of success. However, successful investing isn’t that easy, you need to have a financial intelligence and sound analytical skills to find the best companies. There are a few areas that are starting to become trends in the world of investment, here are some of them for you to think about.

Green and Renewable Energy

The number of companies that have started to actively think about the climate and renewable energy has risen sharply over the last couple of years. Many of them now realize how their actions have impacted on the environment and that they need to address the issues quickly. There is also a lot more pressure on companies now to be seen to go green and use renewable energy. It means that there could be a big increase in the investing of cleaner energy which would be a smart idea as this topic is set to continue to grow.

Investing in Foreign Markets

Although economy’s all over the world were affected by the financial crisis, there has been steady growth in many foreign markets compared to the U.S market. At they point out that in 2017, the U.S stock market grew by 1 percent, while U.S foreign markets grew by 2 percent. However, in the same year, the foreign economies had a better result, with the far east markets rising by 23 percent and the emerging economies by 30 percent. With this trend forecast to continue in 2018, there is a strong pull to investors to start looking at the foreign markets.

Property has always been a popular way to invest money because the housing market tends to stay relatively stable. There is also less need to immediately sell property if there is a downward trend. In addition to houses, many investors are also looking at commercial property because of its financial stability. For example, notes that one area that has become hugely popular is the escape room. These types of entertainment are growing, so investing in a property that might have this in the complex is a good investment for the future.

Automation of Services

Automation of services has been a huge success for some companies. During the economic instability, some big companies were able to stay relatively stable because they had automated a lot of their services. Other companies are now also starting to do the same which makes them more of an interest to investors. The fact that they might be able to do better financially is a big incentive in an area where this is often unpredictable.

The world of investment will always be a little be uncertain, however, that is one of the reasons it has been popular. Along with the big lows, there can also be big highs that can make you a lot of money if you are in the right place.